We prefer to receive publications digitally. If that is not possible, you can deposit physical publications by post.

Do you want to file a digital publication? Go to the page about depositing digital publications.

What can I deposit?

Physical publications include books, reports, magazines and newspapers on paper or on a digital data carrier (CD or DVD). All publications to be deposited must meet our depot’s inclusion criteria.

How depositing works

We prefer to receive physical publications by post.

Our postal address

The postal address depends on the type of publication you want to deposit.

For books:

Depository of Dutch Publications Document Processing Dept.
P.O. Box 74
2501 AJ The Hague

For periodicals such as magazines, newspapers, annuals:

Depository of Dutch Publications Document processing/subscriptions
P.O. Box 74
2501 AJ The Hague

After sending

As soon as we have received your publication, we will check whether you are already known to the Depot. If not, you will receive a letter with a reply card for registration.

For periodic publications, you will receive a request to send us the subsequent issues by post. If a periodical does not yet have an ISSN but does meet the inclusion criteria of the Depository of Dutch Publications, the ISSN Centre will immediately issue an ISSN.


Do you have questions about depositing physical publications or need help filling out the cover form? Please contact us via @email.