In order to keep material accessible for the long term, it is important to formulate a basic preservation policy as an organisation. It is important to make this policy practical and verifiable, according to the current standards of digital preservation. The KB has published policy documents on this subject at strategic, tactical and operational level. We share knowledge about these policies within our networks.

The importance of preservation policy

How do you make the importance of preservation clear? How do you translate standards to the situation within your organisation? And how do you deal with changes within the organisation? A policy on preservation helps to shape these issues within the organisation. If your policy is feasible and verifiable, it is also easier to put into practice. For example, we are working on collection profiles.

Choices for the future

The KB aims to keep digital material accessible in the long term. To this end, it is necessary to have a preservation policy. As a reliable digital archive, we benefit from unambiguous decision-making on all matters that affect our digital objects, such as technical developments. The policy helps in making these choices.

The KB's digital preservation policy

The preservation policy documents of the KB are valid for 3 years and will be reviewed thereafter, or earlier if necessary due to changing circumstances. The model of the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) and the guidelines for reliable digital archives (ISO-16363) form the basis for these documents.

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