On Friday, December 8th, we release the new Design Drawings Damage Atlas. This book serves as a tool for conducting damage assessments on design drawings. It aids in identifying damage on these pieces and in managing and preserving them.

What's included in the Design Drawings Damage Atlas ? 

The Design Drawings Damage Atlas  specifically assists in recognising and categorising damage on architectural design drawings. Additionally, it provides information on their management and preservation. It contains details about materials, techniques, signs of use, and damages. Furthermore, you can learn about the origins of the design drawings and their specific characteristics. All texts in the damage atlas are available in both Dutch and English.

This new damage atlas marks the third in a series. Previously, we published the Damage Atlas archives and Damage Atlas libraries.

Who might find it interesting? 

The Design Drawings Damage Atlas is of interest to heritage institutions that house design drawings in their collections. However, it is also valuable for anyone interested in the history of architects' design drawings.

Collaboration between Metamorfoze and the New Institute 

The Damage Atlas design drawings was created in collaboration between Metamorfoze and the Nieuwe Instituut. Metamorfoze is a program by the KB for preserving and providing sustainable access to the paper heritage of the Netherlands. The program is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science. The New Institute is a museum focused on architecture, design, and digital culture.

Interested in a copy? 

The Design Drawings Damage Atlas can be ordered for free via our webshop.