As a publisher in the Netherlands, you can turn to the KB for the long-term storage of your publications. Depositing a copy of your publication(s) ensures that your work remains findable and accessible for study and research purposes. We collect and store all publications published in the Netherlands in the collection of the Depository of Dutch Publications as part of Dutch cultural heritage.

Deposit directly

Publishers via the CB

Publishers who work through the Centraal Boekhuis (CB) can have their digital publications and physical copies sent via the CB. This can be done fully automatically via CB Online.

Any questions? Please contact us via @email.

Other publishers

For depositing digital publications such as e-books, monographs and issues of a magazine or other periodical: depositing digital publications.

For depositing printed works and work on a digital data carrier (CD or DVD): depositing physical publications.

How depositing works

Anyone can deposit

Publishers established in the Netherlands can deposit publications with the KB. To avoid duplication of work, we request that authors ask their publisher to deposit their publication(s) instead of doing so themselves.

All publications are eligible

In principle, all publications published in the Netherlands are eligible, whether digital or printed and regardless of the language of the work. However, there are some exceptions. See the admission criteria of the Depository of Dutch Publications (in Dutch). Unsure whether your work is eligible? Please contact @email.

Focus on digital collection of publications

We focus on the digital collection of publications. This means that in principle we only accept physical copies if no digital format is available.

There is an exception for limited edition hand-printed books, the so-called bibliophile editions, artist's books, children's books and poetry. We very much appreciate receiving the paper format in addition to any possible digital copy of these types of publications.

Deposited publications are not publicly accessible

The KB has agreements with the Media Federation about the storage of digital publications. Unless otherwise agreed with the publisher, deposited digital publications can only be consulted in the KB by authorised KB members. The publications are therefore not publicly accessible online nor can they be requested by everyone. You can read all agreements in our KB electronic depot regulation at the bottom of the page. You can give permission for your publication to be publicly accessible online.

Is there compensation for depositing?

We do not pay compensation for depositing digital publications. The KB instead makes your digital publications accessible by including them in the Dutch Bibliography and storing them permanently as an archive copy in our e-Depot.

In some instances, the free provision of expensive paper publications presents insurmountable difficulties. In such cases, we can consult about arrangements for adjusted delivery conditions. You can contact us about this via @email.

We particularly appreciate it when you donate 1 copy of each new publication to the KB free of charge!