Recently the KB, National Library of the Netherlands opened the KB_Datalab. In this space, researchers can utilise collections that are not accessible outside the KB. This allows them to research publications that are not publicly accessible for reasons of privacy or copyright. 

The KB_Datalab

The KB_Datalab is an experimental workspace in which researchers can use digital collections that can only be consulted within the walls of the KB. These include, for example, special web collections from the KB’s web archive. The space contains 2 workstations at which equipment and collections can be provided upon request. KB staff is available to help with collections or research queries. Researchers can view the collections in the KB_Datalab, but they can also analyse them using software. Copying the files is not permitted, but the researchers will be allowed to take the results of their algorithms home if certain conditions are met. The space will also be used for presentations, workshops and other small-scale gatherings in which the KB’s digital collections will be the point of focus.

“It’s great that we now have this extra possibility for researchers in our regular array of data services. The KB_Datalab will soon see a PhD researcher starting their research into the XS4All collection, one of the oldest web collections we maintain. In the KB_Datalab, we can offer this collection as full text.”

Mirjam Raaphorst, data services coordinator

The KB and research

The KB holds the accessibility of research in high regard. We are co-signers of a covenant to accelerate the transition to Open Science. Novice researchers can use the Researcher-in-residence program to access our data sets and expertise. The realisation of the KB_Datalab, which offers researchers access to data that would normally be unavailable, supports this endeavour.